I search help on this API.

I want to translate WM_KEYDOWN to unicode charactere.
it seems that fonction is great but i was unable to find exemple of use of it.

int ToUnicodeEx(

UINT wVirtKey, // virtual-key code
UINT wScanCode, // scan code
PBYTE lpKeyState, // address of key-state array
LPWSTR pwszBuff, // buffer for translated key
int cchBuff, // size of translated key buffer
UINT wFlags, // set of function-conditioning flags
HKL dwhkl // keyboard layout handle

what is the meaning of lpKeyState and wFlags, how to use it?

any help would be appreciate:)
Posted on 2001-11-27 20:29:38 by gael
Posted on 2001-11-27 20:48:13 by S/390
yes i have it.

in fact, i make a chat based on richedit control, and that support multi langage (Russian, japanese, thai and more...)

since i send buffer txt, i can't replace ALL the text with EM_STREAMIN (that reaplace all text, isn't it?).
thus, i'm searching a way to send unicode text to richedit.
and because the remote text in richedit is in READONLY, i can't use PASTESPECIAL.

so, how can i send UNICODE text to richedit?

i think ToUnicodeEx was the solution but...:( i'm totally lost .

if any have an idea.
Posted on 2001-11-28 06:09:48 by gael