I just found out that Motorola sold their semi-concuctor dept to Freescale and they already discontinued a part I was using and can't seem to recommend a suitable replacement. Who else is big on highly integrated PLL IC's? I'm not looking for blue print stuff because I design for HF as well.
Posted on 2005-04-11 10:21:07 by mrgone
Before I retired I always bought from National Semiconductor.  A quick Goole tells me they are still very much in the thick of things.

Posted on 2005-04-15 19:59:19 by PBrennick
? Yeah I know of them but was not aware they made PLL chips. Anyway Freescale just tipped me off that it is Lansdale who now manufactures the chips including Motorola's ECL pre-scalers.
Posted on 2005-04-16 10:18:20 by mrgone

            We are picking up the Freescale Wireless products through a ?Technology Transfer? and they will continue to live on.

            Let me provide you some info to help you with the transition.

Part Number cross over: Freescale MC145170 = Lansdale ML145170.
      Samples: We are just obtaining the technology, so expect Lansdale Samples in Sept. 2005.

      Finished Goods: We can not ship any until after October 2005 (Freescale EOL Notice has completed the last buy cycle)

Wireless Cross-reference List:  See WORD document attachment
      This is a complete list of the wireless product that Freescale has allowed Lansdale to pickup and the part number cross-over.

Authorized Lansdale Sales Rep (South East Region): Beacon Electronics.
      David Yonchik 407-788-1155  or Dyonchik@beaconmail.com

Part Number cross over: Freescale MC12210 = Lansdale ML12210.
      Note: It will take some time to create a Lansdale version, as the wafer process tooling will need to be re-created. The current priority to do this is low, unless an opportunity of volume or value can justify a higher priority.

Engineering Applications Support: Lansdale has hired Ray DiSilvestro to address any applications issues for wireless products. Ray comes to us with 26 years of Motorola SPS/Freescale service and covered these products in his previous life with those companies. He can be reached at 602-438-0123 Ext 214  or ray@lansdale.com
Data Sheets:  All the data sheets listed on the attached cross reference list will be on our web site in 2 weeks, if not already loaded. These can be accessed by typing either part number in at the search engine and click on View Data Sheet when it comes up. www.Lansdale.com
Posted on 2005-04-19 00:43:50 by mrgone
Look at Dallas Semiconductor, though they've been bought by somebody but their website will transfer you, and Maxim.
Posted on 2005-04-20 11:56:57 by drhowarddrfine