I am going to let my ego get in the way for a but and ask that if you have some time you read this log and clear up any misconceptions I may have had that would result in me being wrong? I am Max_Power by the way.

2:08:08p <Max_Power> <Cheetah> lol
2:08:08p <Max_Power> <Cheetah> why are you doing it in ASM?
2:08:08p <Max_Power> <Cheetah> ASM is deprecated :\
2:08:11p <Max_Power> BAHAHAHAH!
2:08:13p <Snoopy> sup crackas
2:08:24p <Snoopy> cheetah?
2:08:24p <Max_Power> i shouldn't pase the rest since you are at work
2:08:46p <Eleethal> hey Snoopy
2:08:47p <> wanna know somethin funnier than that? this quote , max said himself
2:08:50p <> !quote 104
2:08:51p <Eleethal> Quote #104: 14[1:35pm]11?15+ 14 11? i got drunk once, and i slept with a 300+ fat indian woman
2:08:55p * Captian sets mode: +o Snoopy
2:08:55p <> oops
2:08:56p <> lol wrong one
2:09:01p <> !quote 103
2:09:01p <Eleethal> Quote #103: 14[1:28pm]11?15@ 14Max_Power11? you have to make 10 posts at uc before you can post
2:09:02p <> there we go
2:09:10p <Cheetah> lkol
2:09:16p <Cheetah> max.. asm is deprecated lol
2:09:17p <Snoopy> is that what you really meant to say?
2:09:20p <Max_Power> i was hoping the poor noob would believe it
2:09:24p <> lol
2:09:39p <Max_Power> yes, it was some wierdo who thought he had to register and post for the dl section
2:09:41p <> ya right, excuses excuces =D
2:09:41p <Max_Power> so i told him that
2:10:02p <Max_Power> if asm is deprecated why does your C++ compile to it?
2:10:26p <> pwnt =D
2:10:42p <Cheetah> not in that sense max
2:10:42p <Max_Power> afk
2:10:47p <> k
2:10:51p <Cheetah> of course new languages are backwards compatible with their ancestors
2:11:05p <Snoopy> LOL
2:11:06p <Cheetah> but it's use is deprecated except in the extreme case nothing else can do it's job
2:11:08p <Max_Power> lol, dude, just stop
2:11:08p <Snoopy> doesn't work like that
2:11:21p <Snoopy> cheetah, asm is used for inline c/C# code
2:11:23p <Max_Power> snoopy is going to smack you
2:11:30p <Cheetah> name a time you have to use ASM to do something you can't do in C++?
2:11:34p <Snoopy> max, is that because I am old
2:11:35p <Cheetah> go on
2:11:37p <Cheetah> cmon.. can't you?
2:11:40p <Snoopy> speed cheetah
2:11:49p <Cheetah> lmao
2:12:03p <Snoopy> why have 400K file when you can have a 10k file
2:12:16p <Cheetah> that's irrelevant.. speed on todays computer is irrelevant.. especially with small code
2:12:18p <Snoopy> let me know how your c++ code works on embedded systems
2:12:19p <> i know the best way to settle this!
2:12:23p <Snoopy> ROFL
2:12:24p <Max_Power> OMG OMG, NO!
2:12:28p <Max_Power> he didn't just say that!
2:12:29p <Snoopy> no you didn't cheetah
2:12:36p <> everyone shush
2:12:39p <> i got the best way to settle this
2:12:47p <Snoopy> haxor
2:12:52p <> make me a d3d hack for JO, one in ASM ,the other in C++ , first to finish wins
2:12:53p <> =D
2:12:57p <Snoopy> don't tell us some walk off zoolander style
2:13:24p <Max_Power> there is a difference between the end result and the path to get there
2:13:24p <Cheetah> snoopy: 400k though much larger ( that's an exaggeration btw ) offers much more security in terms of exception safe code than 10kb does
2:13:36p <Cheetah> if you program gets an exception or accidentally accesses bad memory.. goodbye
2:13:39p <Cheetah> if mine does
2:13:42p <Cheetah> it just laughs and keeps going
2:13:44p <Max_Power> yes C++ is better for your average project, in fact, most of them, but you would have to be ignorant to believe there was not a use for it
2:13:52p <Cheetah> i didn't say there was no use
2:14:00p <Cheetah> i said there's nothing that you can do in ASM that you can't do in C++
2:14:07p <Cheetah> some people like ASM more than c++ .. power to them :)
2:14:19p <> cheetah is teh win! , max and snooper r teh loze
2:14:20p <> =/
2:14:43p <Snoopy> cheetah
2:14:48p <Snoopy> I am lost
2:14:59p <Cheetah> but i hardly work with asm.. and the only time i do it's with machine code
2:14:59p <> senior moment =
2:15:00p <Cheetah> not asm itself
2:15:01p <> =D*
2:15:07p <Snoopy> haxor that rocked
2:15:11p <Max_Power> wrong: <Cheetah> ASM is deprecated :\ deprecated -  To belittle; depreciate. depreciated - to lose all value
2:15:13p <Snoopy> lol
2:15:20p <> what rocked?
2:15:20p <Max_Power> should i read what you say or what you meant to say?
2:15:27p <Snoopy>  <+> senior moment =
2:15:32p <> oh
2:15:34p <Cheetah> deprecated - outdated
2:15:37p <>  hehe
2:15:40p <> i r teh win
2:15:40p <Snoopy> lol
2:15:50p <Snoopy> <%Cheetah> some people like ASM more than c++ .. power to them :)
2:15:58p <> power to meh
2:16:00p <Max_Power> dude machine code is asm, asm is just the mneumonic representation of the numbers
2:16:01p <Snoopy> it isn't about like, it is about purpose
2:16:10p <Snoopy> exactly max
2:16:18p <> how about yall stop whining like little girls, and have a face off =
2:16:18p <> =/*
2:16:19p <Cheetah> no lmao
2:16:24p <Cheetah> max it is definitely not
2:16:28p * was kicked by Max_Power (how about you go away)
2:16:29p <Cheetah> machine language is a whole new ballpark
2:16:29p * has joined #unknowncheats
2:16:29p * Max_Power sets mode: +v
2:16:34p <> amg no
2:16:36p <Snoopy> ROFL
2:16:37p <Max_Power> LOL!!!!
2:16:40p <> i <3 this place
2:16:41p <Snoopy> please cheetah
2:16:43p <Snoopy> save yourself
2:16:48p <Max_Power> wow, snoop, this is getting really sad
2:16:54p <Snoopy> I feel for this guy
2:16:57p <Cheetah> no it's not
2:17:01p <Max_Power> dude post this convo on any coding board where people know what they are talking about and you will get laughed off it
2:17:04p * banzorz all but me and cheetah
2:17:08p <Cheetah> will i really?
2:17:09p <Snoopy> I can't see the screen, I am crying
2:17:15p <Max_Power> yes, do it
2:17:19p <Cheetah> go learn how machine code is structured
2:17:26p <Eleethal> wow
2:17:27p <Max_Power> BAHAHAH!!!!!!
2:17:27p <Snoopy> cheetah
2:17:33p <Cheetah> you'll see asm is not exactly mnuemonic representation of machine language
2:17:40p <Cheetah> a lot of conversion has to go on
2:17:42p <Snoopy> rofl
2:17:42p <Cheetah> download a disassembler source
2:17:50p <Cheetah> tell me why it's so fucking complex if it's just a simple representation?
2:17:50p * Cheetah was kicked by Eleethal (No cursing will be tolerated. Repeated offenders will be banned. (Matched: fuck))
2:17:50p * Cheetah has joined #unknowncheats
2:17:50p * ChanServ sets mode: +h Cheetah
2:17:50p * Max_Power sets mode: +v Cheetah
2:17:51p <Max_Power> deep breathes
2:18:00p <Cheetah> max
2:18:01p <Captian> your stepping into a world of pain cheeta, you picked a coding fight with MP and Snoop. night night
2:18:03p <> someone is right  , someone is wrong, or both are wrong, or both are right
2:18:04p <Cheetah> let me show you something:
2:18:08p <Cheetah> let me show you something
2:18:15p <> so lets just all take a nice big pill of STFU
2:18:15p <Cheetah> you say ASM are mnuemonics for the numbers
2:18:23p <Cheetah> i'll blow you away with this simple demo
2:18:28p <Cheetah> you have no clue about machine language
2:18:34p <Max_Power> uh huh, i am sure you will *cough*
2:18:42p <Cheetah> just watch
2:18:55p <Cheetah> i'll paste it here in a sec
2:19:10p <> how about, both of you make me hax, and whoevers roxorz , they win +D
2:19:28p <Eleethal> Cheetah; youre fighting a losing battle
2:19:42p <> or the  mods and admins can review my app. again for the JO section =D
2:20:09p <Snoopy> Haxor that is academic
2:20:13p <Max_Power> eat your words: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/M/machine_language.html An assembly language contains the same instructions as a machine language, but the instructions and variables have names instead of being just numbers.
2:20:20p <> what do you mean academic?
2:20:24p <> means i r smart?
2:20:27p * Eva has joined #unknowncheats
2:20:27p * ChanServ sets mode: +h Eva
2:20:27p * Max_Power sets mode: +v Eva
2:20:38p <Eva> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/shavecut
2:20:48p <>  <@Snoopy> Haxor that is academic
2:20:50p <> wat?
2:20:53p <> was?
2:21:05p <Max_Power> maybe he means microcode?
2:21:10p <Snoopy> (04:19:06 PM) <+> how about, both of you make me hax, and whoevers roxorz , they win +D
2:21:21p <> oh ya =D
2:21:28p <Max_Power> eat your words: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/M/machine_language.html An assembly language contains the same instructions as a machine language, but the instructions and variables have names instead of being just numbers.
2:21:41p <Snoopy> yeah that could be the case max, microcode
2:22:01p <Max_Power> but i am sure he didn't mean microcode, otherwise he would have said that, right?
2:22:10p <Cheetah> //Ownage with xor
2:22:11p <Max_Power> if so, he could have saved us all 10 minutes
2:22:11p <Cheetah> xor eax,eax;
2:22:11p <Cheetah> 00401001 33 C0            xor        eax,eax
2:22:11p <Cheetah> xor eax,ebx;
2:22:11p <Cheetah> 00401003 33 C3            xor        eax,ebx
2:22:11p <Cheetah> xor eax,0x05;
2:22:11p <Cheetah> 00401005 83 F0 05        xor        eax,5
2:22:14p <Cheetah> nice
2:22:22p <Cheetah> where'd the 33 go ?
2:22:24p <Cheetah> oh shit
2:22:27p <> lmfao
2:22:29p <> thats funny eva
2:22:40p <Cheetah> //Ownage with cmp
2:22:40p <Cheetah>        cmp eax,ebp;
2:22:40p <Cheetah> 00401008 3B C5            cmp        eax,ebp
2:22:40p <Cheetah> cmp eax,eax;
2:22:40p <Cheetah> 0040100A 3B C0            cmp        eax,eax
2:22:40p <Cheetah> cmp eax,dword ptr ;
2:22:40p <Cheetah> 0040100C 3B 45 32        cmp        eax,dword ptr
2:22:40p <Cheetah> cmp eax,0x05;
2:22:40p <Cheetah> 0040100F 83 F8 05        cmp        eax,5
2:22:44p <Cheetah> oh shit.. where'd the 3B go?
2:22:51p <Max_Power> its called a prefix!!!!
2:22:54p <> amg eva
2:22:54p <Cheetah> nah
2:22:57p <> my name is JESSE JONES
2:22:58p <Cheetah> the opcode itself is changed
2:23:00p <> WHAT THE FUDGE
2:23:00p <Cheetah> gg
2:23:00p <Max_Power> wow kid
2:23:15p <Max_Power> dude, its called a prefix, i explained this to you several days ago
2:23:16p <Snoopy> LOL
2:23:22p <Shoot> i'm out for a few guys
2:23:23p <> EVA
2:23:24p <> EVA
2:23:25p <Shoot> take it easy
2:23:29p <Max_Power> later shoot
2:23:30p * Shoot is now known as Shoot-afk
2:23:34p <Max_Power> i am going afk too
2:23:37p <Max_Power> bbl
2:23:38p <Cheetah> no shit there are prefixes
2:23:39p <Shoot-afk> :o
2:23:42p <Cheetah> but the opcode changed. gg
2:23:44p <> EVA
2:23:47p <> ANSWER ME
2:23:48p <Cheetah> mnemonics != representations of opcodes
2:23:49p <Snoopy> he is trying to transliterate
2:23:52p <Cheetah> //Ownage with mov
2:23:52p <Cheetah> mov eax,eax;
2:23:52p <Cheetah> 00401012 8B C0            mov        eax,eax
2:23:52p <Cheetah> mov ax,ax;
2:23:52p <Cheetah> 00401014 66 8B C0        mov        ax,ax
2:23:52p <Cheetah> mov eax,0x43;
2:23:52p <Cheetah> 00401017 B8 43 00 00 00  mov        eax,43h
2:23:52p <Cheetah> mov ax,0x43;
2:23:52p <Cheetah> 0040101C 66 B8 43 00      mov        ax,43h
2:23:55p <> EVA PM ME
2:23:56p <Eleethal> Max_Power; pm when you get the chance
Posted on 2005-04-11 16:46:09 by Lollie
Heh, how silly. A lot of people thinking they know something, while they actually don't. (and no, those things aren't called "prefixes", that would be things like size overrides, lock, segment overrides, ...). Btw, you could have edited out the irrelevant parts of the log.

What network is that, dalnet? The intelligence level seems even lower than the average EFnet conversations.
Posted on 2005-04-12 01:09:35 by f0dder
Reads like someone manually manipulating their unmentionables.

Answers are topics like speed which often matters, size which sometimes matters and architecture to do the things that canned languages don't do well. Design algos free of compiler theory and if you get it right, link it into the compiled code if you cannot write all of it in asm quickly enough.

It sounds like the conversations of 1995 and is about as well informed.
Posted on 2005-04-12 11:42:17 by hutch--
Fair enough, and thanks for the prefix clear up. This is what happens when you get young hobbyists together (the convo) ;).
Posted on 2005-04-12 13:00:35 by Lollie
:) Well, I do have that instinc of predicting something too, but they're worst than me in that kind of tone. The saddest thing is that mnay young guys rebel so much that they don't usually hear what the old saids. Like "Old Prophecies", but anyways hope they're guided by someone old and wise.
Posted on 2005-04-13 20:02:05 by Xor Stance