It sounds like you have found someone who knows what to look for and what to call it.  That's the first, best step!

There are a number of reasons to have a low iron count: nutrition; absorption; storage in your body.  The small size of your Red Blood Cells--RBC's--is a diagnostic sign of iron deficiency.  The small size is caused by the deficiency.  Iron is the main component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the RBC's thru the blood.  Low iron -> Low Hemoglobin -> Low oxygen in the blood -> Low oxygen in the body tissues and organs -> poor performance.  And oxygen is vital to the production of energy components in the bodies metabolism--anyone remember their Krebs cycle?  Ever wonder why you can go weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen?  Due to the lack of oxygen, your heart will sometimes beat faster to compensate, trying to deliver more blood and thereby more oxygen.  The lack of oxygen will also cause decrease in mental powers.

I hope the cause is easily found, the treatment is available, and the prognosis is positive!  Get treatment, get well, and get programming!!

Posted on 2005-05-07 00:28:07 by farrier

You will probably find its just boredom. If the world in general is pissing you off, do something different, chase a blonde or 3, whatever distracts you for long enough to find something interesting. When I hit 50 I got senile decay for nothing and its perfectly ajustable depending on what you want to forget even though I have near perfect recall of things that I am interested in.

You have all of the normal thing, be good, eat properly, stay off the piss, get enough sleep etc .... all of the things I rarely ever did but at the botom line, find things that interest you and your brain will keep you going for a very long time.

Old age is nothing more than social conditioning and you are a long way off that yet. When you get there its fun, you have forgoten more than the young fellas know and you can be gracious about it (if you can be bothered).  :mrgreen:
Posted on 2005-05-07 00:48:32 by hutch--
Remember that your blood condition directly relates to the amount of oxygen you can process.  That is why your heart is racing, it is trying to oxygenate your blood.  Please talk to your doctor about this fact.  It is easily missed and low oxygen levels means your brain will misfunction, which is what you are describing.

Posted on 2005-05-07 03:41:05 by PBrennick
Your iron absorption can be improved by increasing your intake of vitamin C.
Also, just about everybody can benefit from taking enzyme tablets. They won't give you a sudden boost or anything, but you will notice the difference after a week or so. Enzymes help control all the low level chemical reactions in the body, and 99% of the human race are short on them because of our diets high in processed and cooked foods. Personally i take them, and when on them i notice way less stress, i am mentally sharper, i have a lot more energy, and need a lot less sleep. Pretty hard to argue with those results  :)
Posted on 2005-05-11 05:03:30 by sluggy
According to the heart doctor, my heart is fine, so I'm done worrying about that. Now they are thinking, since I have wierd reactions to Depakote (I once took it and it almost put me in a comma), that I might have a chemical imbalance which, in combination with my aenemia, is causing me to have seisures. My doctor says the memory loss is directly associated with my iron deficiency and is fading away now that I have started a daily regimend of 395mg Iron pills and a diet of high iron foods, such as liver. Lucky for me, I actually like liver so it's not that bad :)

you have forgoten more than the young fellas know and you can be gracious about it (if you can be bothered)

Hutch ~
You have no idea.. I've recently forgotten the C language... :lol:

Lack of iron - due to diet or your inability to absorb it when stressed?
Do you grind your teeth at night? Would depression be far off the mark?

Homer ~
I covered the iron part above... I've never known myself to grind my teeth... That's one of my deep dark secrets, when I was 17 I was diagnosed with Bipolars and mild Sociopathism ( not really a sociopath, I just don't like people ).

Bryant Keller
Posted on 2005-06-10 16:41:10 by Synfire
That's interesting. I've had some of these issues myself, particularly in the winters, to the point of almost not being able to think  at all. I could run after women all day, anticipating their moves and knowing exactly how to trap them, but not be able to understand a word of what anyone was saying, let alone figuring out how to even begin attacking a mathematical or physical problem. And I'd know how to get to school and how to get home, but could not say anything meaningful to people. Is there perhaps a connection between exposure to light and the uptake of iron, or some other nutrient?

Sociopathy seems to be an ill defined term. A dictionary lists it as "severe social maladaption", but in litterature it is used to denote an acquired personality or class of personalities producing psychopathy-like behaviour. The psychopath generally holds the view that nothing carries an objective aesthetic or moral value that is independent of the psychopath's own whims and goals. (And usually, that concepts do not have any objective meaning.) The sociopath, however, acknowledges the theoretical notion of things and people having such values, but has no reason to ascribe these properties to anything that he experiences. Is this what you mean?

Or is your opinion more in accordance with this? "I'm a twerp. I don't want to know the truth, nor do I care about the truth. Everyone else that bothers coming in contact with me are buffoons. That's why I don't like talking to other people because of my higher intelligence. If you disagree with me you are a imbecile and I will stop at nothing to prove it, even if it means lying and distortion of the truth." (citation of a real psychopath during an Internet discussion, details unknown)
Posted on 2005-06-11 08:28:47 by Sephiroth3
After reading all this..        I'm too depressed to write what i was thinking about.  :sad: (someone should add :depressed: emoticon)
Posted on 2005-06-12 08:35:25 by AceEmbler

There is an old expression here in OZ, is derived from pseudo latin from my school days "Nil illigitimus carborundum desperandum" which says "Don't let the bastards grind you down". While I am not the oldest member of assembler forums, I am on the higher end of half way and I can promise you, old age has many advantages if you do it right.

You can selectively be senile. (I have never made a mistake that I remember in my life)
Policemen call you sir. (cantankerous old bastard)
The good looking your sheilas (females) talk to you cause they know you are more interested in their mothers than them.

Whatever you do, don't miss out on your old age, it takes a lifetime of experience to get there but its a ton of fun when you do.
Posted on 2005-06-12 08:55:05 by hutch--
Hi Synfire

When I wrote:
I went from doing some form of software or website development for 19-20 hours a day

My first thought was, hey he's doing a hell of a job doing some website stuff...
But when I did some calculation over your day:
  19 hours webstuff
+  2 smoking, drinking, and watching TV (my guess of time)
= 21 hours

That leaves very little time for SLEEPING !!!

So, you are just a normal person with a huge lack of sleep.
Therefore your body starts "telling" you to shut down your
inner computer (read: brain) and get some sleep, and take
a vacation.

As I see it, that should do the job

well, your probably not reading this, because you're already asleep  :lol:

best regards,

The SharK
Posted on 2005-06-20 15:35:24 by The SharK
wow man sounds harsh.

somone meantion somthing about grinding teeth in sleep what does that lead to?
as on several occasions recently i've been at my computer and my gf in bed and i hear her teeth grinding goes right through me.

obviously seeing this post and grinding teeth has made me worrid as my gf is 13 weeks pregnant (just over 3 months) and i don't want any halm to come to my child.

and i think ima take some of that vit-c, i'm a moody, anti-social, stressed out fool, whos always tired. so i could do with a boost.
Posted on 2005-06-21 01:43:12 by Damnation
Interesting reading. It have make me see that I need a vacation away from the computer.
Posted on 2005-06-22 01:14:50 by Xanatose