Hi all,

I'm trying to convert bmp to JPEG using GDI+ without success, and I would like ask if anyone have tried this method before, and could help me a little bit.

Regards to all.
Posted on 2005-04-18 09:50:09 by xpyros01
Hi xpyros01

i'am new on this board, and in (intel) assembler :)
But the GDI+ routine i have done in IBasic Professional long time ago.
Yesterday i've translated this to NASM as object file and added to my libpack

All what you need is:
1. NASM 32bit
2. following calls

gdiSave(ansi_path, quality_0_to_100, encoder)
gdiSaveClipboard(ansi_path, quality_0_to_100, encoder)

encoder - pointer to encoder GUID (see the globals CLSID_enc***)
gdiLoadDll() and gdiUnloadDll() returns nonzero on success, all other 0 if succeded (GDISTATUS)

ansi strings are auto converted to unicode with prefixes 0xFFFE

atached source + COFF object file. The GUIDS are valid for gdiplus v1
the iba file - sample in ibasic professional
Posted on 2005-04-29 18:08:57 by sapero