Hi everyone !

I'm just so lucky i found this page!
Installing hutch's package worked at once ! Im impressed :)
I have read most of iczelions tutorials, they must be the best tutorials i've ever read (in any subject)!

Can someone explain how these resource files work ?
If I want to load a couple of sprites (bmp) from disk, can I put them in the resource file? How are the resource files linked? into the executable ?

(I did a lot of programming a couple of years ago, mostly pascal and assembler under dos, so there's alot new to me now.)

Posted on 2001-11-28 08:56:26 by TechnoCore

Resource files are linked to the executable by the linker...
You can "insert" bitmap, string tables, keyboard accelerators, or any binary file in resources...

If you want to load bmp files from disk, i recommend you to use the LoadImage API... very useful...

Don't hesitate to ask more question if you need...

Posted on 2001-11-28 09:14:31 by JCP
Whit resource files you can do everything related to graphic interface (windows, dialogs, buttons, up-down controls, etc). If you wanna simplify the process of creating, for example, a dialog, use RadASM. With this program you can do them very easily and also you can learn.

Good Luck
Posted on 2001-11-28 16:12:21 by CodeLover
Thanks !

Im (going to) write a small topdown-scrolling shooter game, ... As soon as I have sorted out all of these 100's of new functions and interfacies in windows and direct x.

What I want to do is to load a bunch of bitmaps, (fort ships and enemys). Do you think the easiest way is to use a resourcefile then ? Or open a file and read them in?
Is there a way to load .jpg files instead of .bmp's?

I have a book called "realtime strategy game programming using direct-X 6" There they write linedrawing routines and pixel routines for themselfes. Doesen't direct draw support linedrawing functions ?

Posted on 2001-11-29 06:26:51 by TechnoCore
The little 3D programming I did, I found OpenGL easier to use than Direct-X. Just thought you might have an easier time with it. In fact at http://nehe.gamedev.net (hope it's still there) there are many tutorials (yes also with MASM (& sometimes TASM) code) on the subject.

Good luck!
Posted on 2001-11-29 11:32:28 by lackluster
Thanks ! I looked at that page, amazingly good !
openGL is so easy compared to direct X

I wonder though... I wanna do a 2d topdown, flat game, is openGL really my best choice ?
All tut's i've looked in openGL are 3d in some way. (which is nice)
But i don't really need it.. (im sick of 3d)
Are there pure bitmap functions in OpenGL, and are those good, compared to do it entierly in direct...

Posted on 2001-12-02 19:33:21 by TechnoCore