Very nice product !
However, did notice that
When I use the Make>Run menu combination - it does not run the program but RadASM simply closes.
When I use Make>Run w/Debug (I've set the command line to run OllyDbg with the program) it does fire up the debugger but RadASM closes behind it.
  Have I missed a configuration step?
Posted on 2005-05-02 13:46:00 by Xor
Hi Xor

I don't have access to NT4 so I am guessing.

Try Option / Code Editor Options / Other and turn off Threaded Build.

Posted on 2005-05-02 13:59:58 by KetilO
Hi KetilO!
Accidentally I printed a listing with the "use color" switch activated on a monochrome laser printer and saw that output has several miss-drawings due to incorrect x-offsets of the colored character output. Setting it back to monochrome, the issue has gone again.


Posted on 2005-05-04 01:59:59 by Biterider
Thanks Biterider

Yes, using a non monospaced font when printing in color fails.
With a monospaced font it works well.
I will have a look at it.

Posted on 2005-05-04 04:47:45 by KetilO