I woke up this morning feeling ambivalent.
My EPOX motherboard melted down overnight - a capacitor had failed spectacularly, spraying the entire board in a mist of electrolyte.
On the upside, my house didn't burn down :)
I'll sure miss the epox, it was such an overclocker friendly board, and only cost me $50au including a geforce3 and an 1800mhz cpu :)
Posted on 2005-05-05 03:30:46 by Homer
Can't you just clean it up and replace the cap?
Posted on 2005-05-05 07:35:29 by drhowarddrfine
I feel like the computer have burned :D.

Nice that nothing more happend ;).
Posted on 2005-05-05 08:28:56 by rea
My friends board did the same lol,  the capacitors popped off lol! The caps starting bulging around the sides and just burst off, mobo was from Abit, it seems some users are launching a class action suit.
Posted on 2005-05-05 21:05:49 by x86asm
I really didn't want to hear that. I just bought an Abit "KV-80" mainboard (Athlon 64).
Posted on 2005-05-05 21:34:06 by SpooK
SpooK, I guess such crap can happen with about any brand - I've heard an amount of people bitch at MSI boards, but I have three machines running merrily, powered by MSI... no problems at all Posted on 2005-05-06 01:26:20 by f0dder
There was a problem with caps for several motherboards, all about 1 1/2 years old IIRC. There was a dodgy batch and/or supplier of capacitors, that started failing.

I'm sure the mobo makers sorted out the quality control issue, so I wouldn't be worried about the same happening today. If they were still going there would be uproar!

Posted on 2005-05-06 04:15:04 by Mirno