I was relucant to upgrade to msn 7.0 despite the fact that many of my friends are urging me to upgrade (I never bothered to as I have no reasons to do so). Anyway, quite a number of my friends are starting to complain that they always get the error " tried to send you a file (filename.mp3). This file has been blocked because it is potentially unsafe."

I checked it out and realised that MSN mesenger actually block certain extensions.

* The blocked file extensions are: .exe; .bat; .com; .cmd; .reg; .vbs; .inf; .msi; .htm; .html; .swf; .js; .mp3; .mp2; .ape; .apl; .flac;.shn; .mpc; .mp+; .wma; .ogg; .mp4; .aac; .voc; .mid; .mac; .cda; .kar; .midi; .rar; .zip; .wav; .jpg; .gif; .png; .bmp; .jpeg; .doc; .xls; .pls; .pub; .dat; .html; .htm; .avi; .mpg; .mpeg; .nfo; .txt; .torrent; .diz; .ppt; .m3u; .sfv; .tar; .htt; .mht; .asp; .aspx; .tiff; .rtf; .ini; .cab; .ico; .icl; .ip; .iptheme; .msstyles; .theme; .dll; .psd; .vbs; .swf; .php; .xaml; .iso; .bin; .cue; .xml; .par; .par2; .ace; .arj; .lzh; .7z; .gz; .bz; .uue; .bz2; .jar; .z; .ade; .adn; .adp; .aia; .img; .date; .aip; .ait; .amf; .ani; .aob; .asf; .csv; .fla; .pxr; .wmv; .nrg; .mov; .sav; .xhtml; .php5; .pxr; .m4a; .qxr; .h; .cpp; .pdd; .rle; .dib; .eps; .jpe; .pcx; .pdp; .raw; .pct; .pict; .sct; .tga; .vda; .icd; .vst; .tif; .tpl; .log; .prx; .cdf; .nls; .ax; .msc; .cpl.

Looks like alot of commonly used file formats are blocked including video, music, image and even ".7z" I was wondering if Microsoft is helping fight piracy by blocking exchage of files via MSN messenger or maybe more than that. Maybe it is all just an excuse (to protect the computer from potential virus) to allow Microsoft to step in and block certain extensions.

Seriously I don't see how most of these file extensions are can be used to spread worms/virus. Looks like the only acceptable file format is zip. Anyway there is a patch floating around to fix this minor issue.

Time for us to use other IM...
Posted on 2005-05-06 07:52:34 by roticv
What's worse, zip files are more likely to be dangerous (BOF exploits) than mp3 files are. :|
Posted on 2005-05-06 14:14:49 by QvasiModo
Good point.

I have had to help some friends upgrade their MSN versions.  I had to bring their machines into my house and connect them to my network so the upgrade could be done using Broadband as a dialup continually failed with timeouts  (on very fast machines, too!).  Unfortunately after rebooting following a failed messenger upgrade, MSN refuses to start and cannot be reinstalled until all traces have been removed.  MSN is crap and I have been helping my friends move on.  Most of them just need email, anyhow. And as you correctly say, Time for us to use other IM...

Posted on 2005-05-07 08:15:32 by PBrennick
MSN 7.0.0777 here...
I do not have problems with it. Sending/receiving any type of files is ok, I don't have the filter, mentioned above, anywhere. I use it mainly when I write/read in 3 languages at once (total of 5 alphabets: Bulgarian(Cyrillic), English, Japanese (hiragana,katakana,kanji)) - because my Miranda ICQ doesn't handle that well. But my primary IM is Miranda ICQ. MSN used to be sluggish on my 450MHz K6-2 +192MB ram, on my current PC it's not a problem anymore.
I like MSN mostly for the preview of documents (mostly images) before I accept them. But for slower machines it's not the IM to use.
Posted on 2005-05-07 12:13:45 by Ultrano
Dial Up or Broadband...

Posted on 2005-05-07 16:45:44 by PBrennick
Cable internet ... but with 40kbit/s d/l and 128kbit/s upload
+static IP
Posted on 2005-05-07 16:57:06 by Ultrano
I havent upgraded to version 7, simply because I dont want to! I heard there were some problems with it, but yikes blocking all those file types, I mean you cant replace vigilance and caution with filters...
Posted on 2005-05-08 12:36:51 by x86asm