Hey, i was wondering if there's a command to find a certain word in a sentence.
Like i have this sentence stored in a variable: "Hello this is just some text, and some more bla bla"
Now i want to find the word "text" in this sentence.
Is there such a function that i can use to find words?
Thanks for any help
Posted on 2005-05-06 15:58:42 by w00
i assume you're talking about windows. some common controls have such functionality, C++ runtime has such also, and it's generalized.
Posted on 2005-05-06 17:28:11 by ti_mo_n
Check this out:
Posted on 2005-05-06 18:15:06 by QvasiModo
masm32 lib InString , InStringX, and equivalents.
Posted on 2005-05-07 08:27:35 by Homer

masm32 lib InString , InStringX, and equivalents.

I looked for InString and InStringx for ASM but i couldnt find any examples.
And also another thing, i want to use the ASM function for this and implent the asm code into a C++ source code.
Dunno if all that is possible though?
But could someome pls show me how this is done.
Thanks for any help
Posted on 2005-05-07 11:03:25 by w00
if you're mixing languages, then i would suggest spliting the different languages into different routines, and call ASM function from C.

VOID myAsmFunction(DWORD param1) {
? ?__asm {
? ? ? mov eax,
? ? ? inc eax
? ? ? dec eax
? ?}
? ?return;

VOID myCppFuntion() {
? ?myAsmFunction(123456);
Posted on 2005-05-07 13:19:45 by ti_mo_n