Hi everyone
I got some difficulty about doing a Java 2D game for pong game consisting of several players, one terrain as dispatching server, balls and target. Using a multicast IP number dispatching server + TCP/IP will be a better way to solve. So how can i design and implement the part of networking code. It's better to offer some sample code.
If you get some ideas, pls inform me.
Thanks a lot!

Posted on 2005-05-06 21:08:16 by hui
How is this issue related to Win32ASM ?
Posted on 2005-05-06 22:28:40 by BogdanOntanu

How is this issue related to Win32ASM ?

The reason this forum is in the "Other" category is because Game Programming is not a Win32ASM specific subject. I wish for all game programming questions and topics to be freely posted here without bias.
Posted on 2005-05-06 22:30:28 by SpooK
Ok, "mea culpa" then ..

MUlticast packets will be usually dropped by intermediate routers, they might work a few hops/bridges and of course in the LAN.
For real life internet you only have 2 options:
1)Client - server approach

You should consider what kind of data you want to send for the game to work, and try to minimize its size.
How many players can there be in a single game?
Posted on 2005-05-06 22:39:27 by BogdanOntanu
pong game consisting of several players, one terrain as dispatching server, balls and target

hmm. Doesn't sound to me like the Pong I know:

Only the "target" thing makes me think he doesn't mean "Pang"-like game:

Let's say 16Hz input refresh-rate is needed. 
1 byte for y position of 1 player
2 bytes for x:y position of 1 ball

5 balls max + 4 players max = 14 bytes per frame. 1792bit/s download
1 player = 1 byte per frame => 128bit/s upload

That's a wild guess, since I haven't made multiplayer games yet ^^"
Posted on 2005-05-07 19:52:09 by Ultrano
Thanks a lot!

Can i just get some sample code about the pong game in Java 2D?
Posted on 2005-05-19 22:22:18 by hui
Posted on 2005-05-21 09:26:11 by Homer
Awwww, haven't done your homework? Poor hui. If that's all you want, you should spend some time refining your google skills, it shouldn't be too hard finding something...
Posted on 2005-05-21 10:18:19 by f0dder