I wonder if any one has a full , but simple
example of a very simple consol Visual C++ program calling an Masm 32 assembly program,
I've used inline asm before, but this would be very cool, to be able use Masm 32 in Visual C++,
I think, you have to use Extern,(I've never used extern), Well you know ,this is the kind of info, that is only known here anyway.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, but a full simple example,
would be really cool, It just seems hard.
To piece it all together,
Anyway this place is Great!

Posted on 2001-11-28 16:09:17 by andy981
Just put your asm code in a dll, and call the dll functions just like any other dll. There is a good sample on Icz's site about how to make a dll in asm (it's quite easy).

Or, just make an exe, and ShellExecute it.

but this would be very cool, to be able use Masm 32 in Visual C++

Any inline asm you have in your VC++ project IS already in masm syntax...
Posted on 2001-11-28 19:03:13 by sluggy
Limited syntax though, sludge.

andy, do a proc like this:

myWonderfulProc proc C public
myWonderfulProc endp

in your c/cpp file, do the following

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
void myWonderfulProc(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus

Play with it...
Posted on 2001-11-28 19:55:56 by f0dder
I found an article online that showed how you link up in
Visual C++


Posted on 2001-11-29 23:17:05 by andy981