Hi there all the community, :)

I think that all is in the title.
My problem is that i would like to run a web page, i found how i can do that with the API Shellexecute but i need the path of the default browser to do that and i would like to know how i could get it with MASM.

Thanks in advance. :jap:

See you later.
Posted on 2005-05-07 08:02:26 by azerty1000
You don't need to know the path (though we can get it).
ShellExecute was meant to open or print files.
Set the filename to a remote web url, including the http:// prefix.
ShellExecute it.
The associated file handler will be launched.
Experiment with it :)

Fun, easy, ShellExecute.
Damn useful api.
Posted on 2005-05-07 08:23:34 by Homer
Yeah it works fine. Thanks. :]
Posted on 2005-05-07 14:21:27 by azerty1000
Or if you want some punishment, try this:

- find the file extension under the HKCR hive in the registry
- get the data from the default key (HKCR/.htm/Default), it should say something like "htmlfile"
- find that value under the HKCR hive (HKCR/htmlfile)
- under that will be shell, open, command, and then you want the default value (HKCR/htmlfile/shell/open/command/default), that will contain the path to the default browser
- the "open" part of that path is the verb, you could find a whole bunch of verbs under the "shell" key
Posted on 2005-05-12 06:01:28 by sluggy