I?m proud to announce the release of the new version of ObjAsm32. The last months we have been working on some tools to make the application writing easier and saver than ever before. I have to admit, that we were inspired by some ideas taken from other places like MemProof and other add in tools for C++ like NuMega and decided to investigate along this way and found that such a resource tracking tool will help us to write better code. As soon as we left the alpha phase, we decided to work on our self written code and rapidly recognized the importance of such a tool. Now, all objects are revised and absolutely resource leakage free!
Our primary target was to write a tool that can be used for any ASM program and for any other language that supports the use of DLLs. To facilitate the use for strong ObjAsm32 users, we integrate a new option in the DEBUG specification to automatically include all necessary lines. The complete documentation can be found in the ObjAsm32 HTML help file under the ResGuard topic.
As usual, we provide the full source code under \ObjAsm32\Projects\ResGuard and a small demo witch can be played with, to exercise the use of the tool.
Due to the heavy impact on the reliability of the applications, we have decided to launch the new release and to share this tool.

We also include NaN?s translation of the tutorial in the NaN_Tuts folder of this new package.

We have reworked the installation of the package to allow a more flexible installation on any place regardless of the location of the Masm32 package. A dedicated note on this topic is placed in the Help directory.

Enjoy it!

Your ObjAsm32 Team
Posted on 2005-05-07 13:03:39 by Biterider
I noticed.
Hopefully you saw my reply in the gamedev forum.
Regards, Homer.
Posted on 2005-05-08 09:12:14 by Homer