when a crash has happened by a proc, windows start up a file dwwin.exe for creating dump of memory. it included a error msg. dwwin.exe load a dll named dwintl.dll(include a resource(dialogs...)). c:\windows\system32\1033 and c:\windows\system32\2052 are the Place where the dwintl.dll files are exist.

my aim is changing the attributes of the file dwintl.dll dialog(143(dialog id)-Static(id=1000)). Error msgs can be copyable. however i changed? dwintl.dll with eyeScope, it isn't to be changed. if i del both of c:\windows\system32\1033\dwintl.dll and c:\windows\system32\2052\dwintl.dll. next time, windows create this files again in c:\windows\system32\1033\ and c:\windows\system32\2052\

why the attributes of the file dwintl.dll can't modified?

Posted on 2005-05-09 01:23:35 by dcskm4200
windows file protection - critical system files are monitored and will be replaced if you modify them. This can be prevented if you delete the dllcache folder - also, google for wfpadmin
Posted on 2005-05-10 06:57:52 by f0dder
Thanks you for guiding me.

I admire the professional coder as you who understand the system very deeply.

best regards to you.
Posted on 2005-05-10 08:49:37 by dcskm4200

I'v got the dump file. Look it at your email.

Posted on 2005-05-14 09:43:46 by dcskm4200