Does anybody know where I can download unicows.lib for MS VC++ 6.0? the link in platform SDK is outdated and MSDN relinks to new MSLU download which is for MS VC 7.

or maybe anyone knows how to make a LIB file from a DLL, which will work for MS VC++ 6.0? i played a little with lib.exe and it did output a .lib, but even when i include it, the linker links to kernel32.dll instead unicows.dll . the guy here suffers the same problem, but i don't like the idea to pay for the answer...

In other words: I just want to link my program with unicows.dll instead of kernel32.dll, but the stubborn MSVC keeps linking with kernel even with "ignore default libraries" and 'my' unicows.lib included. geez.
Posted on 2005-05-10 23:52:44 by ti_mo_n