I want to edit *.rc file in text mode
how can I do this?
Posted on 2005-05-13 12:20:22 by 55crazy
On what editor you mean? BTW you could just use notepad or anything else for that.

EDIT: Duh, I just realized this thread is in the Easy Code forum! :lol:
Sorry for the noise, folks.
Posted on 2005-05-13 13:38:47 by QvasiModo
I want to use easycode to edit rc files in text mode
Posted on 2005-05-13 14:52:23 by 55crazy
Hi 55crazy,

There is no option to edit .rc files currently. Anyway, I take it into account for next version.

Posted on 2005-05-13 15:15:12 by rsala
easycode isn't support chinese character
when I import chinese character ,It display wrong word
Posted on 2005-05-13 15:33:17 by 55crazy

Certainly! It does not support chinese character currently. Paul E. Brennick and I are working on that.
Posted on 2005-05-13 16:54:18 by rsala
thank you your  answer
Posted on 2005-05-14 09:18:12 by 55crazy

You are welcome.

Posted on 2005-05-14 09:40:54 by rsala