HLA Adventure Update

May 21, 2005

Hello fellow HLA and Assembly users!

I've set aside HLA Adventure for the past couple of months and now I'd like to get back to expanding the game world. So far, the game is up
to version 2.78, but that version dates back to December 13th of 2004.

I need to add in the ability to examine items described within
each room. This is a very arduous task and may take quite some time to complete. I'd like to describe, at minimum, three items in each room. With a total of 223 rooms present in the game (currently), this may take awhile to code.

I also have some upcoming ideas for later versions of HLA Adventure  that I'd like to share with everyone here.

First, I'd consider adding in two-player support, perhaps over a network (e.g. like a small MUD). What do I need to do to add this aspect into the game?

Second, I'd like to expand the game to about 100 more rooms, each with two separate areas (one a swamp, the other a mountain range). Any ideas as to what quests might be added for both areas?

Finally, I'd like to incorporate these changes into Randy's AGE being developed currently. How is that done?

Thanks! The website for HLA Adventure is located at:


It includes versions for Windows and Linux.


Paul Panks
Posted on 2005-05-21 23:34:17 by Paul Panks