hutch announced SP2 today. Here's his link:

Posted on 2005-05-22 10:42:14 by S/390
pimp  :D
Posted on 2005-05-22 19:04:41 by Webring
Posted on 2005-05-22 19:49:36 by hutch--
It's a great update Hutch, the unicode macros and sound examples are a nice edition, thankyou sir.
Posted on 2005-05-23 05:29:52 by Webring
The link in the site still points do sp1
Posted on 2005-05-23 14:29:37 by Cthulhu

I will change that shortly, the feedback while its only at the forum help to find any problems with the installation etc ....
Posted on 2005-05-23 22:46:23 by hutch--

pimp? :D

Posted on 2005-05-26 22:10:27 by DarkStar