how can I save a listview as a Excel format file?

Posted on 2005-05-26 07:16:37 by dcskm4200
I do not know much about creating xls files from scratch.  But I usually create a CSV if I need something like this.
Posted on 2005-05-26 07:39:04 by gorshing

thanks you for reply.
I can save a listview as a txt file.

yes, i saw that most of database GUI can output his datas to a CVS file. the CVS file could be opened by office Excel.
could you give me a example?? ?

Posted on 2005-05-26 07:52:51 by dcskm4200
CSV stands for comma separated values so you just put a ',' between fields and start a new line for new err lines..

Here is an example file what I done made with excel.


Posted on 2005-05-26 19:17:33 by stormix
Thanks you very much.

now, I can save a listview to a CSV file.

best regards.
Posted on 2005-05-26 22:22:33 by dcskm4200