HLA Adventure (v2.80) is now available. This is the first major update
to HLA Adventure since December 13, 2004. I was able to make several
new changes to the game that I think will make it easier to play and
explore further. I am also adding new rooms and quests to a release
slated as Version 3.00 (due out sometime in mid-June of 2005).

The homepage for HLA Adventure is located at:




Both pages should work, but in case one is down, you can still download
the game if a link is unavailable.

I will be updating the Sourgeforce project page for HLA Adventure
momentarily with new information as well.

Please forward program enhancements, game ideas and errors/bug fixes to
me at:


Happy Playing! :)


Paul Panks
Posted on 2005-05-26 22:36:16 by Paul Panks