HEllo al,i am using Delphi and i have to use asm code in between ,the asm procedure takes two parameters ,this asm procedure actually goes to someother stack frame and copies the data and stores in the current stack frame and then calls a function in DLL ,this involves lot of register usage,so i need to preserve all the registers and restore it back, but the problem is that once the call to dll occurs in some other workspace ,how should i restore the registers if i store them in stack,

I could explain it clearly if someone is willin to help, i have been really confused and workin on this for months,or anyone can suggest an alternative solution for this problem.

Posted on 2001-11-29 05:31:25 by suki

This is not really a Delphi forum but what you need to track down is what calling conventions are being used in the calls you are making as this effects the stack cleanup. STDCALL and C are well understood but from memory Delphi also uses the FASTCALL convention and I am not sure if it has been published.


Posted on 2001-11-29 05:51:55 by hutch--