If I understand all right, Microsoft linker uses for of object files
and import libraries COFF format and Borland linker uses OMF format; so if I download some libraries generated by MS (see for example very interesting libraries on www.sockets.com) I never can use them in Borland C or TASM ??? Or may be there are some programs that can convert a library from one format to another?

Thanks, Mike.
Posted on 2001-11-29 05:50:15 by Mike

If you have Borland's freecommandlinetools or C++ Builder, look in your bin dir for coff2omf.exe. If you don't have it, post again or email me and I will send it.
Posted on 2001-11-29 11:24:15 by lackluster
The best think would of course be to upgrade to good tools ;).
Posted on 2001-11-29 11:52:12 by f0dder
You can also get ALINK, which is free. It will link combinations of COFF and OMF files without converting. Source code, in C, is available. I don't have the link with me, but it's part of the NaGoA package.
Posted on 2001-11-29 15:31:26 by tank