Hi there,
I tried to enable XP visual styles for my DLL, which implements an IExplorer deskband (similar to google toolbar). So I searched around a while, checked googletoolbar.dll and found that I need to embed a manifest.xml as resourceid 2 inside my dll (same in google toolbar). The content is ok, and is also quite equal to my google reference dll.

But it still does not make my controls have the new visual style :(

Additionally I found a hint to return DOCHOSTUIFLAG_THEME in GetHostInfo in IDocHostUIHandler interface, but this does not help too.
Posted on 2005-06-01 07:23:14 by beaster

the resource id should be 1, and type 24 (RT_MANIFEST)
Posted on 2005-06-01 08:19:03 by sapero
No, ID 1 is for standalone programs and 2 for dynamic libraries. Resource type is 24 alright.


Perhaps some of your controls are doing custom drawing? :?:
Posted on 2005-06-01 11:40:03 by QvasiModo
i dont have custom controls, a simple combobox and a dialog with some standard controls. Now I even tried to activate the manifest manually, calling CreateAclCtx and ActivateAclCtx, but still old-school-look :-/
Posted on 2005-06-01 13:07:23 by beaster
Beats me then. I've never done deskbands. Sorry! :sad:
Posted on 2005-06-01 13:32:37 by QvasiModo