Sorry for my english!
    i want to play xm files in my programs,for example,in my keygen.i've seen a useful library but it can not be downloaded.i've made a library from other xmplay source for MASM but it can not work.does anyone know how to deal with it?
Posted on 2005-06-02 23:44:04 by qfejj
Post the source, or the portion of the source that's not working correctly, and maybe.
Posted on 2005-06-03 23:29:55 by Webring
gfejj, maybe you can use BASS or BASSMOD from http://www.un4seen.com/ to play your music files.

Posted on 2005-06-09 14:17:40 by SamiP
Since he's doing a "******", bass is probably too large for him - *sigh*.
Posted on 2005-06-10 09:19:09 by f0dder


find uFMOD.

It is better to use in a "******".  ;)


Posted on 2005-06-15 02:34:57 by RvaZero
hi gfejj,

I am sending here a XM-Player static library and include file. Use it and I think it'll be of help. I'm also sending a demo-program that uses this library.
Posted on 2005-06-19 12:00:56 by profdracula
    I've made out a Demo using the library in uFmod last week.But from now on,I'll use XM-Player static library.It's powerful and easy to use.

    thank you ! profdracula !
    thank you! all !
Posted on 2005-06-19 20:39:24 by qfejj