Where can I get a tutorial about Compiler Design.
I try to design brand new Compiler for my own. In Compiler Architecture part is OK but to port in into binary format of Window PE (make exe) is quite dificult for me:mad:. I already have a few Window PE document but can really understand it. It's to simple or to technical:confused:.

Can anyone help me or post me the link of any place that you think have detail explanation about that...

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Posted on 2001-11-29 08:48:42 by mag
You don't need to know assembly to learn compiler design, the theory of it is quite universal (the lecturer who taught compiler design at university was much more maths based that computing).
The technicalities of the PE file are quite intricate as far as I am aware, and are not specific to the design of a compiler. Any good PE documentation should help. Try searching MSDN.

As for compilers, the source of gcc should be available (although its probably a mess, and incredibly difficult to read), the other thing to try is YACC.

Posted on 2001-11-29 10:14:25 by Mirno
Look for the dragon book? I've heard it's good - need to order it myself.
Posted on 2001-11-29 12:29:26 by bitRAKE
Hi Mag.

I found PE.ZIP file (see the attachment.).

here is the link where i found it :

Web site is in French, you have to translate the page, if you dont' understand, here -> http://world.altavista.com/

As usual, sorry for my English ;)
Posted on 2001-11-29 17:23:19 by colio
Thanks guys

Hope PE.ZIP can help me..
Posted on 2001-11-30 14:50:02 by mag
Hi again...

I need to ask who the expert of Windows PE format here...:cool:

Could any one tell me what is RVA and how to calculate their value?

The last section of Optional Header is a table of IMAGE_DIRECTORY ( RVA address entry and Size )

How do I calculate RVA address entry. I look into a lot of EXE file and the value is so big. It's offset from where??

Ahhhhh very confuse !@#$:confused:
Posted on 2001-12-01 03:53:05 by mag