I am trying to create a toolbar with gaps between some of the buttons. When using a standard toolbar style it's rather easy. Placing a separator between the buttons works fine. However when using TBSTYLE_FLAT the separator is displayed with a vertical line. I have tried setting TBSTATE_HIDDEN state for separator, but it completely removes it.

Is it possible to remove this annoying line from separator or is there any other way to make a variable width gap between buttons in a flat toolbar?

The only solution i came to for the moment is to use a number of disabled, imageless and textless buttons as separator.
But the problem is the 'separator' cannot be of variable size. It's width is always a multiple of buttons width. So it's impossible to move the button to correct place if the window is resized for example.

Posted on 2005-06-07 14:35:22 by arafel