Anyone can suggest a link or whatever that describes the value(s) for the "official" CRC16 Poly (that supposed to be standardized by ANSI) ? I've searched the web but all of the explanations make me even more confused.

Some says the ANSI CRC16 poly is 0x8005, but I've found that in the LZH compression it says that the ANSI CRC16 poly is 0xA001, which one is correct? or both of them are correct? Have I missed something here?

Any clear explanation on the "official" CRC16 Poly value(s) would be great  ;). Note that I've understood CRC concepts pretty much.


Posted on 2005-06-12 23:24:28 by Pinczakko
thx to drizz, here it is :lol:

(0xA001) 1010000000000001 >>
(0x8005) 1000000000000101 <<

I should pay more attention next time.
Posted on 2005-06-13 21:56:56 by Pinczakko
I have never seen this polynomial described as an ANSI one.
I have seen it described as an "industry standard", because it's a popular polynomial - stated as

X16 + X15 + X2 + 1

The CCITT polynomial is

X16 + X12 + X5 + 1
Posted on 2005-06-13 22:20:11 by tenkey