I am using ragrid control and I want to ask something.In the examples I saw that it supoorts a lot of style for columns.rHowever what I want is different property for each cell.For example like in RadASM "Properties" grid.When I edit for example resource,every property cell is different some has editable text some of them is combobox etc.Is this can be achived by RaGrid control?
Posted on 2005-06-15 10:58:06 by LaptoniC
Hi LaptoniC

No. RAGrid is column oriented.

Posted on 2005-06-15 15:16:33 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

BTW thumbs up on the RAGrid control, I used it in a recent project and it is excellent. No problems that I didn't solve but it was used to great effect to extract data from a Hedberg database and displaying it in a useful format.
Posted on 2005-06-15 23:03:43 by donkey
Is it possible to add a bitmap to ragrid header to indicate sorting order? (like listview header bitmap)
Sorry if i miss someone and this is trivial question.....
(i decided to replace listview in my app with superb ragrid)
(and i read about virtual listview, when normal lv too slow , is there something like this with ragrid?)
Posted on 2005-11-11 12:43:03 by s5vi

It is currently not possible.
It is however a godd idea for an upgrade.

Not shure what virtual listview is / does.

Posted on 2005-11-13 16:19:13 by KetilO
Hi Ketil, thanks for your reply.

I download your 2205b, and grid demo, its amazing. (database demo very useful for me).

AFAIK virtual listview (with LVS_OWNERDATA style) dont store any datas , this is a task of parent to store data in array.
Virt lv sends a query (LVN_GETDISPINFO) when display a row, and parent must provide data.
When you have many rows (~20000) normal lv quite slow, virt lv is fast.
Best regards.....

Today evening i looked-in ragrid source. Big news!(for me) Ketil, you made this data handling on-your-own , so ragrid must behave like virt listview!! (I dont ran benchmarks yet) (ragrid vs. virt lv). Normal lv speed sucks because it handles data deeply in win32api.
Posted on 2005-11-14 06:21:34 by s5vi
Hi, i figured out a small trick to substitute the missing header bitmap in ragrid.
Put "\/" or "/\" chars into header text.
Posted on 2005-11-16 01:21:12 by s5vi