please help

how to use gdiplus flat api in masm

not understand:

GdipDrawString( GpGraphics *graphics, GDIPCONST WCHAR *string, INT length, GDIPCONST GpFont *font, GDIPCONST RectF *layoutRect, GDIPCONST GpStringFormat *stringFormat, GDIPCONST GpBrush *brush )

What is first parameter?

Posted on 2005-06-17 09:34:31 by kisj
It must be something similar to an HDC. It's just that you are given the bonus of knowing the GpGraphics structure :)
Posted on 2005-06-17 16:19:22 by Ultrano
Posted on 2005-06-17 16:25:52 by kisj

it is a wonderful material.

in \gdiplus_project\gdiplus_pen, why the TestString can't show normal? =


Posted on 2005-06-18 10:21:47 by dcskm4200