Hello everybody. Im coming back again. Its nice to see this forum again. Now im a high student at one of indonesia university. This place is almost at the peak of a mountain(If i dont made mistake).
Hope nobody mind I came back here.  ;)
Posted on 2005-06-18 10:28:49 by realvampire
Hello, and welcome back realvampire !

Are you a REAL vam....  :lol:


The SharK
Posted on 2005-06-19 05:33:55 by The SharK
Hai. Are you the person on the piano? I think I talked someone with that name too.
Posted on 2005-06-19 05:56:04 by realvampire
Nope, but I play on western guitar if that counts  :P
Posted on 2005-06-19 07:33:29 by The SharK
Hello there :).
Posted on 2005-06-19 19:28:13 by rea