Hi, let's suppose I create some child windows with the CS_CLASSDC property. If I draw on one of them, all the other child windows will be drawn too, since they share the same DC? I didn't understand this very much.

Posted on 2005-06-18 16:55:19 by Marginais
Class Device Contexts
Class device contexts are supported strictly for compatibility with 16-bit versions of Windows. When writing your application, avoid using the class device context; use a private device context instead.
Posted on 2005-06-18 17:25:17 by ti_mo_n
So now I shoudn't use CS_PARENTDC nor CS_CLASSDC? But they don't have their features?
Posted on 2005-06-22 14:27:48 by Marginais
Class DCs are serialized so only one window in the class can use it at a given time. But they don't interfere with each other bitmaps.
Posted on 2005-06-22 17:33:10 by QvasiModo