First of all: my big thank you for great IDE!
Second: i have a problem with designing dialog forms in Resource Editor in RadASM
When i design a dialog and place a controls in it everything seems fine.
When i use dialog preview all is good
But when i run my program all controls behave in a strange way.
(i use CreateDialogParam and don't change positions and sizes in runtime)
? Edits and buttons changed its positions and sizes -+1 or 2 pixels randomly so dialog looks ugly :-(
When i load rc file from this dialog into ResEd(latest version) it appears even more strange:
? Statics become 17 pixels height instead of 13.
? Dialog font script property is changed from Cirllic to Western
? Width of buttons chnaged from 75 to 77.
Am i doing something wrong or is this issure or limitation in RC format?
Posted on 2005-06-21 00:09:20 by Elohim Meth

Yes, dialogs has many limitations. One of them is that dialogunits has too low resolution to be acurate when converting to / from pixels.
If your dialog needs pixel resolution I suggest sizing and moving the controls at runtime.

Here is a new Preview addin. It converts from pixels to dialogunits so you can see the resulting dialog.

Posted on 2005-06-21 02:20:21 by KetilO
Thanks for reply and addin.
What a pity there are this limitations... :-(
Posted on 2005-06-22 02:26:29 by Elohim Meth