I have couple of questions.  I am building a calculator and i was wondering what command should i use to put a decimal number on display window and also how do i get a decimal number from the display window and where to store it?  I know how to do it with integers but i am not sure how to do it with decimals.  I tried searching but didnt find anything. 

Thanks a lot

Posted on 2005-06-23 20:30:38 by slim515
To get the decimal place from a display window, you have to get it via a string and then convert it to a floating point number.

For the reverse, you would have to convert the floating point number to a string, then output it.
Posted on 2005-06-23 20:55:30 by roticv
  Can you tell me what command do i use to convert it to a floating number?
And what command to use to convert it from a floating number to a string?

thanks slim
Posted on 2005-06-23 21:02:04 by slim515
You could have a look at the FPULIB library of functions. It does have the functions to convert to and from float/ASCII. Although it is included as part of the MASM32 package, the latest library with an extensive Help file, and the source code for all the functions, are available at:


Posted on 2005-06-23 21:11:45 by Raymond