I'm trying to install the latest yahoo messenger in my computer running windows XP SP2 but it always failed with "unable to connect to network" error message. I've tried doing this by both enabling and disabling firewall but it still failed. Note that I have no problem at all with the connection of the PC to the internet, coz I'm using it for browsing and ftp-ing flawlessly. am I missing something here? or perhaps WinXP SP2 blocks the Port that's used by yahoo messenger installation program by default? Note that I don't know which port it uses and my WinXP SP2 installation is still fresh Smile. I've just learned how to do slipstreaming to be able to install a WinXP along with its service pack in one shot yesterday and the fresh installation is the result.


Posted on 2005-06-24 22:00:32 by Pinczakko
after couple of minutes tinkering, I finally realized that it's just a very annoying incompatibility problem between firefox 1.04 and the current yahoo messenger installer :(. After running the installation procedure using IE6. I have no problem at all. I've been using firefox as my browser and yahoo messenger installation has problem with it.
Posted on 2005-06-24 23:22:06 by Pinczakko
What about using alternative messenger that supports Yahoo! messenger protocol? A good example is Gaim.
Posted on 2005-06-25 08:04:52 by roticv
I've been using gaim for sometime, but only when running my machine in Linux  ;). I've been planning to use gaim back then in case I can't get rid of that YM installation problem, but already solved though  :D
Posted on 2005-06-25 09:33:58 by Pinczakko
I think miranda supports yahoo too... <3 Miranda :)
Posted on 2005-06-26 07:06:29 by f0dder