Hi. First, sorry for my English (is very bad).
The Question: six years ago I made a spectrum emulator in assembler. It's run OK without windows but on windows the timer (int 8) that i hooked don't work fine. Sure that the problem is that I have changed the timer for make 1800 interrupts by second and windows don't like it.

The question is:
How i make a timer (1800 exectutions / second) that works fine with and witout windows?

Posted on 2005-06-25 19:17:19 by dsanchem
hmm, that's less than one milisecond between each timer tick? To do something like this under windows, you probably have to restructure your code a bit... I suggest making a second thread, and raise thread prioritites of your two threads to "above normal". Use the high-performance timers (not GetTickCount) to check for elapsed time, and "trigger the interrupt" manually.

This will hog the CPU very heavily, but if you want accuracte emulation I guess that's the way to go... just a guess, though :)

PS: your english seems pretty fine to me.
Posted on 2005-06-26 07:11:08 by f0dder