I found ASM source code to encode and decode MP3.

Anyone could support?

Thank you very much!
Posted on 2001-11-29 22:27:11 by bung
Sure i am interested in ASM source code for MP3 decode/encode...
but AFAIK there are some C/C++ source codes for MP3 decode but no ASM versions (yet) of it...

where did you found it? and who is the hero that did it?
Posted on 2001-11-30 00:51:52 by BogdanOntanu
I've heard that back in the day LAME was written in asm (maybe for Linux?).
Posted on 2001-11-30 04:58:12 by eet_1024

I found ASM source code to encode and decode MP3.

can you publish it in the here? or mail me ?
it will be great!


Posted on 2001-11-30 05:01:55 by eko
As far as i can know, there is no such a project. The last interresting
thing i saw was "gogo239b.tgz" (have a search with this, i have lost the

gogo developpement has been stopped. No comments on *WHY?*, but i suspect
a legal problem... Last time i took a look at this problem, MP3 Algos were
not free (and really not 'for free').

gogo was even not Asm. Only C shiet with a bit of inline Asm for NASM
(Linux on board. Plus, the doc seems written in Japaneese.

In one word: All is left to be done, Bodgan, ... my heroe!!!... :)

Posted on 2001-11-30 07:18:25 by Betov
you can get the lame DLL via


Also Audiograbber 1.80 is avaible there ...

bye TD
Posted on 2001-11-30 08:19:09 by Test Department
Test turning flat user???!!! Tired of opening the doors???

Of course, runing a C tool for this is not worse than calling for
a C written OS, like we all do everyday, but the question was about
doing it in Asm. Halas, all the sources i have ever seen for this
are C and all documentations i saw for the Algo itself were written
by mathematicians. 2 alien languages to be learned for years, before
being able to read, but this would be vaste of time too, because once
one has learned one of these languages, his brain's neurons are so
hardly damaged, that he is no more able to talk either any human
or any computer language. :))

Posted on 2001-11-30 11:18:35 by Betov
Hi Ren?,

as long there is no asm source avaible,
I think lame encoder is THE choice.

I like to know how I can use functions inside
the lame DLL, so if anybody have a reference ?

flat TD
Posted on 2001-11-30 14:39:39 by Test Department
Betov, that's what r3v3rs3 'in is 4.
Posted on 2001-11-30 14:53:28 by bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-11-30 21:51:34 by f0dder
This is rather in the direction and has quite a few useful links...MP3/ASM/C
Posted on 2001-12-01 04:21:14 by bitRAKE
Goto www.visual-assembler.pt.vu and download nagoa-it has something like wav to mp3|and mp3 player written in nasm
Posted on 2001-12-01 14:50:44 by Unregistered...