Due to extreme tiredness, I accidentally put WS_DLGFRAME in ExStyle in a CreateWindowEx call.
I was shocked when I saw this!

Everything seems to function fine, the buttons work. Note that the gradient is reversed and the menu is reversed.

Here's the same window with WS_EX_RIGHT for ExStyle:

And here's a normal window:

The first two both have the window caption on the right, but the gradient and buttons are not changed.

So, is this already known about? I definitely haven't seen anything like it before. Can anyone else please verify this on a different windows version (I'm using Windows 200 SP4).
Posted on 2005-06-30 20:02:34 by syc0
Same here on Windows XP.

Well, I guess WS_DLGFRAME has the same value than some RTL-related WS_EX_* but I'm too tired (and lazy :P) to verify now.

That's funny anyway...
Posted on 2005-06-30 20:16:52 by chep
Hmm, well I checked the MASM 'windows.inc' and there's no WS_EX_* constants with the same value.

I've already started work on patching user32.dll to make all windows look like this. I've only just started using Windows again and I can't stand having the close button on the right!
Posted on 2005-06-30 20:49:27 by syc0

#define WS_DLGFRAME        0x00400000L

#if(WINVER >= 0x0500)
#define WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL        0x00400000L
Posted on 2005-06-30 21:47:40 by ti_mo_n