Hey, again... this past weekend, my rabbit passed away.

He got sick, I started to panic on Sunday and did not know what to do. So ER was out of option. I was hoping to go Monday morning, but, I suddenly awoke at 7 AM only to find him having a cardiac arrest, from which he died on instant. His breathing was weak from the cold and his nose was stuffed.. so I assume he fell asleep and awoke at that time, surprised he couldn't breathe, he suffered an attack.  :sad: Now I feel guilty...

Now, consequences follow for me.. I am very depressed. I've tried taking my mind of things by keeping my self busy, sleeping more, etc.. but whatever I do, the memories come back to haunt me. And, I lose interest in everything.

Do I need to talk to a mental health specialist?
Posted on 2005-07-01 18:07:59 by ~Steve~

Anything that has a beginning has an end, the whole world is like that. Solution is to go out and get another one. Its not disloyalty to the last one but a chance to take care of a new one and give it a chance. If you liked a pet, its normal to feel miserable for a while when they die but you must move on.

HINT : Call the next one a different name so you don't mix them up.
Posted on 2005-07-01 19:57:38 by hutch--
I dont think that replacement is good ;)... or at all good :).

Tought like said before, things happen, I remember see one of the birds that I have die... it was in a style of sook.. like at sleep, but is awake, but was without force to stand in place... anyway, I see the last breat(h?), and I see how "stretch the leg" literally, was if like the bird know that the moment was comming, because it have tried to fly/jump away, but you know, there are "solutions" for all, except for the dead.

Yes, I was a little sad, because I dont know what happen... but hey, Im still here, yes I remember time to time that event, but now is part of my life :). Dont worry, you will go on... until you die too, but taht isn't bad at all :).
Posted on 2005-07-01 21:10:34 by rea