again seeking hours and hours for a way to save a bmp2jpeg, i finally found this asm src.
maybe helpfull for other coders, this src. seams not for beginners like me :(

who can work with the src. ?

Posted on 2005-07-01 19:15:17 by xanthos
This is the decoder I wrote some time ago. It can decode non progressive JPEG files. It cannot convert bmp to JPEG. The interface is simple, with only two functions :

int JPEG_Decode(char* jpegBuffer, int bufferSize, JPEGIMAGE** img, int options)
void JPEG_Free(JPEGIMAGE* img)

After decoding img->pRGB points to the 32-bit RGB data of the decoded image. Look in viewer.cpp for an example.

Hope this helps.

Posted on 2005-07-01 21:08:45 by Dr. Manhattan
It cannot convert bmp to JPEG

WUUUPS  :lol: my foult.

thanks !
Posted on 2005-07-02 16:27:58 by xanthos