I do a cmdline program, and get two arguments one for WCHAR  other for integer, but  both is WCHAR, the last argument how to changed.  Thanks.
Posted on 2005-07-06 10:42:00 by SexyPink
If you want to change from ASCII to integer here this might help
atodw Convert ascii number to DWORD
htodw Convert hex string to DWORD
dwtoa Convert DWORD to ascii string
dw2hex Convert DWORD to hex string
dw2ah Convert DWORD to ascii hex
udw2str                Convert unsigned DWORD to string
ustr2dw Convert string to unsigned DWORD
ltoa Convert signed DWORD to ascii string
atol Convert ascii string to signed DWORD

here is an example how to use it

invoke GetWindowText,iycompwnd,addr txtbuff,eax
invoke a2dw,addr txtbuff
invoke dwtoa,eax,addr txtbuff
invoke MessageBox,hWin,addr txtbuff,addr szDisplayName,0

i hope that helps

Posted on 2005-07-06 11:43:08 by slim515

    :P Thank You !!!
                  It's so useful for me!!
Posted on 2005-07-06 13:35:52 by SexyPink
do you have any examples with division ??

i need to do a program that divide two numbers, but i can't do it, my code doesn't work,
Posted on 2005-09-26 23:03:10 by chola