Dose anyone know of a good dissasembler I have tried Win32Dasm wich worked quite well but when I tried to disassembler qeditor it just stopped responding so the program obviosly has problems with some files.
Posted on 2001-11-30 11:08:45 by asmnewbie1
IDA dissasembler!

Get the free version or buy the latest one
Posted on 2001-11-30 12:40:06 by latigo

Thanks a lot latigo, that is a brilliant program.
Posted on 2001-11-30 18:01:51 by -T-

You will have problems disassembling the disk image of qeditor because it is compressed. If you want to try and play with its contents, you need to do a PE image dump and try and do the fixups to get the raw image to run at all.

I don't mind people playing with the file, it has no great secrets to learn, just a lot of messy API coding and asm algorithms but I will be less than happy if anyone tries to distribute a modified version. Qeditor is freeware and this should be respected, it already has a DLL interface that has been published so access to the working is there for programmers who know how to write this type of code.

win32dasm works OK on non compressed files, it is useful enough if you need to investigate the contents of a DLL or similar to see how different function are interdependent but you need more powerful tools to work on compressed PE images.

Posted on 2001-11-30 19:14:59 by hutch--
Sorry hutch, but i have never seen a disassembler "too much" better than IDA. It is within the best of the world.
Posted on 2001-12-01 12:59:12 by CodeLover

IDA Pro is a good tool if you need that type of capacity but if you wish to decompile a compressed PE file, you will go looking for a PE file dumper first as disassemblers by themselves cannot decompress a disk image into a memory image.

The free download of the older version of IDA Pro makes a good introduction for people who need this capacity and is a good example of a company that extends goodwill to it potential customers. If you like the free version, support this company and buy their latest version.

Posted on 2001-12-01 14:26:36 by hutch--
Yeah, i am near to buy it.

If you like the free version, support this company and buy their latest version.

Hutch, i am not trying to fight with you, but i do not support companies, i just buy their good products. I am not a partisan of any company, i am just a customer that selects the products according to their features, not according to the name of the manufacturer.


Posted on 2001-12-01 17:52:10 by CodeLover

It seems to just be a difference in how we speak english, generally software companies see that you are suporting them FINANCIALLY if you buy their product and that is my intent, you will be supporting them where it matters if you buy their product.

I don't work for any company and I have no real bias in what I use except that it must do what I need, if it does, then I will buy it and support the company.

Posted on 2001-12-01 22:40:17 by hutch--
Right hutch. It was just a gramatical problem.

Good luck,

Posted on 2001-12-02 17:42:15 by CodeLover