Hi all, I am very new to ASM, but not so new to programming in general, but unfortunately my experience has been restricted to mainly VisualBasic up until this point.  I have been interested in learning some ASM for quite some time now, and have just finally built up the determination to sit down and do it.  I have gone through a few of Iczelion's tutorials and picked up bits and pieces here and there. 

Anyway, in the meantime i started using Monkeys audio codec for listening to music on my pc, and i saw their SDK, downloaded it, looked around, and now I would like to try to make a program in assembly which makes calls to the MAC sdk to encode, decode, and analyze MAC audio.  I am having trouble getting started however, and if any more experience programmers could offer pointers or help with getting something to work, it would be greatly appreciated.  There is just so much to learn about assembly, I thought that this project might help me get my feet wet.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  As far as i can tell, my first job would be to get the SDK into some format usable by MASM, my previous attempts at header to inc conversion have been unsuccessful, and i am unsure of a few specifics required to make calls to the .lib files included in the SDK, it is with these small details that i am having the trouble.
Posted on 2005-07-08 23:20:04 by mkdsctt
If I remember correctly Monkey Audio API provided as interfaces, so you will need to lear how to handle object oriented programing in assembly first. Than check the examples provided with the SDK in order to understand which you will need to know C++, as the whole library is written in it.
Posted on 2005-07-09 08:42:15 by arafel