anyone have any examples of how to play midi's? I searched already and all I came up with is a site with an example but no source and a broken link. Any help is appreciated.

Posted on 2005-07-09 19:16:39 by resistance_is_futile

You can also use DirectMusic. There is an example in the SDK.
Posted on 2005-07-09 22:31:45 by ti_mo_n
I found two examples from Test Department on my HD :) Hope this helps
Posted on 2005-07-10 12:51:43 by JimmyClif
Using mci to play MIDIs is sloow to load. I'm not sure if only my PC has this problem, but in a simple game tutorial of mine, it took 7 seconds just to load several midi files. On an AthlonXP2000+ with 400MHz DDR RAM, and Audigy soundcard...
Maybe have some workaround
Posted on 2005-07-12 19:53:59 by Ultrano
It is extremely slow indeed, Ultrano... I made a very dirty hack in my XCOM bugfix loader to avoid game hiccups when loading the midi music (which resulted in music being off sync, but that was still better :) )
Posted on 2005-07-12 19:55:46 by f0dder
Decided to go with .xm's.. Using BASS :D
Posted on 2005-07-13 01:22:23 by resistance_is_futile
Nice :)  Unreal Tournament 1's soundtrack is entirely modules (.xm, .s3m and .it)
But composing music for these is a bugger ^^". I just woke up from a tiring day+night of composing such stuff
Posted on 2005-07-13 04:28:59 by Ultrano