HI all  :)

im currently working on a PE viewer project
its a simple project mean to execise my assembly skills  8)
so i was wondering if any one would join me to work on it...
it would be great to have some help here

so far ive made :
process list with imported module list
PE VIEW ( All Directories and all characteristics like imagebase ans stuff...)

currently its language is on portuguese ( no problem to convert to english tough)

so now i need some help to finish it :
section viewer, list imported (on PE) modules
implement the EDITOR function ( modifications possibility )
and the HEX view ( i have some ideas )

i know that out there we can find a billion of programs like this
but .... i still wanna work on it to increase my/our,if u join me, knowledge about our good and old assembly  :D

if u are interested in join me send me a email or reply to this post
brshadow777@hotmail.com ( or add me on messenger )

thanks all  ;)
Posted on 2005-07-11 12:45:49 by GR33d