Hello ASM Community!

This is my first post. Unfortunately for me, I spent a long time composing a very nice introductory message for myself, but the dang session timed out and I lost everything. I've posted on many boards on the Internet, so I should have known better.? :sad:

I'm not going to rewrite the whole thing, but here is a summary of what I'd like to say:

- I'm starting to take up assembly language programming again after a lapse of about twenty years (in early 80s, I programmed some I/O for a speech synthesizer board I built on the Commodore 64).

- I work professionally as a technical writer for a computer help desk.

- I have general programming knowledge, am astute with computer technical matters, have found that cyber life is a good outlet for my perfectionistic side. I'd be interested in contributing my technical writing and web skills as I learn assembly programming.

- I'm looking to join an individual or team to help with an interesting project. I absolutely love finishing work, helping to produce a quality product. I am very thorough. Quality testing would be a great area for me.

- I realize that I also need some help with life balance; I know I spend too much time at my computer and taking up programming again isn't going to help. If I'm going to join a project, I need some people who are very much in touch with this and can perhaps discourage me from doing too much, while encouraging me in some non-computing endeavors.

Well, with that brief intro, HELLO ASM COMMUNITY!

Posted on 2005-07-16 21:21:41 by wammie
Hi :)

If you need some recap for x86 assembly, look at www.madwizard.org (nice introduction to win32 assembly), www.agner.org (good optimization tips), and http://developer.intel.com/design/pentium4/manuals/index_new.htm . those are good texts, of variying complexity/information levels. The intel doc is mostly a reference, whereas the other two are essays at variying levels of detail.

Also, get your hands on Charles Petzold's "programming windows", and Icelion's tutorials at http://win32asm.cjb.net .

And as always, you're welcome to post here :)
Posted on 2005-07-16 21:45:41 by f0dder
Several of us have a similar background, I'm sure you'll feel at home :)
Welcome aboard :P
Posted on 2005-07-18 04:17:08 by Homer