com/ole shell extension tutorials please, (with masm, without using CoLib)
Posted on 2005-07-17 11:21:23 by salafi
u must be insane

go for C++/ATL, with examples from
Posted on 2005-07-20 20:37:51 by comrade
whot i mean is shell extension in pure asm :D
i had checked codeproject but i found shell extensions written in c++
Posted on 2005-08-16 11:37:53 by salafi

Here you have a shell namespace extension written in pure ASM. Have fun!
Posted on 2005-08-17 02:25:20 by japheth
Here is a more simple shell extension, it extents the context menu
Posted on 2005-08-17 02:29:03 by japheth
very nice, japheth!
Posted on 2005-08-17 15:00:43 by comrade