Does anyone how to enable it?
Posted on 2005-07-21 07:23:47 by comrade
Look here :

I have a usertype.dat file with ASM keywords in it if you want.

Posted on 2005-07-22 11:15:47 by Dr. Manhattan
I'm interested too ;) Can attach it to the post?
Posted on 2005-07-22 16:07:11 by ti_mo_n
I thought attachments were disabled. It took me some time to notice the "Additional Options" link ;-)
Posted on 2005-07-23 01:11:37 by Dr. Manhattan
Posted on 2005-07-23 13:20:22 by comrade
thank you :)
Posted on 2005-07-23 14:11:02 by ti_mo_n
install VisualAssist :D
Posted on 2005-09-04 03:20:39 by wizzra