Can anyone translate this to english?

"le bonheur n'est pas le droit de chacun, c'est un combat de tous les jours"

Thanks.  :D
Posted on 2005-07-21 21:41:37 by Gandalf
happiness is not the right of each one, it is a combat of tous.les.jours

according to babelfish (

tous = all
les = ??
jours = days

best i could manage, i havent done french in a long long time ;)
Posted on 2005-07-21 22:50:35 by evlncrn8
tous les jours = every day.  :)
Posted on 2005-07-22 04:18:02 by codex32
How about:

Happiness is not a given right, it's a daily crusade.

Posted on 2005-07-22 09:16:58 by Raymond