Hello guys, I have been away from this site for quite some time. I finished school for the year a while ago and am currently on summer breaks. I have been playing with electronics quite a bit, I have interfaced my PIC to an LCD (16x1) and a AT keyboard.

My emulator has been coming along quite nicely as well, though I need to start solidifying it for a release hopefully soon. It has been available for download for quite some time but I didnt feel it was worthy to share with you guys lol.


The program needs some work to stabilize it and improve sound quality and speed.

I have been improving the SMS emulation and now have a beta version of the Genesis emulator. Currently only the PSG and the YM2612 DAC output sound.

I have some screenshots:

Here is an image of Sonic 3 running. I just today fixed a nasty bug. For the 68k programmers out there I didnt realize that when a program does an ADDQ or SUBQ to an address register the flags isnt modified! Sonic 3 would crash almost immediately on level load. I also didnt notice that doing a ADDQ.W #3,A6 or something like that would affect the WHOLE register. This royally scewed up MK2.

Streets of Rage 3 running here, fun game actually. This games DAC output seems to be distorted, I have to take a look at the Z80 code that is feeding the samples to the DAC to see if there are any errors.

Streets of Rage 2 running here, this game is missing the information bar, Genesis VDP emulation isnt complete.

The 68000 emulator runs fairly well, need to do some optimization with it.

It will be ported to Proemulator just incase any of you are interested. Though I have to reduce the size (2.79MB LIB).


We have a MIPS, ARM and many other emulation cores in development. I have even helped the project leader develop a DirectDraw and DirectSound wrapper. He seems quite a bit busy now so the developments have slowed down, but the program is a lot better now than it was when he 1st introduced it to this forum.

It is quite fun writing it and seeing the code run, its very nice moment to see the fruits of your labour. Sure it takes a crapload of time to debug, but its a lot of fun playing detective :D
Posted on 2005-07-21 21:59:18 by x86asm
Very,very nice! Emulation is a very interesting task to do, and I am sure you receive a lot of joy whenever you fix some nasty bug :)
Posted on 2005-07-22 07:39:03 by comrade